Tom's Trap-O-Matic - Taking a page out Wile E. Coyote's hunting book, Tom has decided to build an elaborate mouse trap to catch the elusive Jerry. Help Tom design the ultimate mouse trap in two different rooms in the house. Can you nab that pesky mouse?


Choose either the kitchen or the living room to begin your game. Using the device library in the bottom left of the screen, choose devices to place along the path leading up to Jerry's mouse hole. These devices very in abilities and practical uses, so choose carefully depending on the situation. Make it all the way to Jerry's mouse hole to win.

Click and drag the device out of the library and place it on any active square. Place the device at the end of other devices arrow to make the connection. Keep adding other devices until you are ready to test the trap. Then click the Test Trap button at the top of the screen.


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