Taz’s Tropical Havoc: Taz Soon Archipelago

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Taz’s Tropical Havoc: Taz-Soon Archipelago – The Tazmanian Devil has landed on a tropical island full of food, drinks and not so friendly natives. These natives want to hunt Taz and the only way he can escape is by destroying all of the stone statues on the island. Can Taz escape this deadly island before it is too late?

Use the arrow keys to move Taz left and right. Hit the SPACEBAR to make him jump from ledge to ledge. You can only jump when you are at the end of a ledge. Eat the food on the island to start your whirling attack. Smash into the natives and statues while you are whirling around. Drinks will give you bonus points, but only if you grab them when not whirling. Otherwise they will spill and you will get no points for them. Destroy all statues to move on to the next dangerous island.

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1 votes, average: 5/5