Speedy’s Pyramid Rescue

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Speedy’s Pyramid Rescue – Speedy Gonzalez is trapped in the desert with dangerous birds and Sylvester the car hot on his tiny little tail. Help Speedy collapse each pyramid and get away from his dangerous enemies.

Speedy’s goal is to activate each tile of the pyramids by jumping on them. Use the arrow keys to move and the up arrow to jump. Hop onto each platform to activate it, but if you or Sylvester step on it again, it deactivates. Get all tiles activated to move on to the next level. Collect anvils to drop on Sylvester and hot peppers to shoot at him and the bird. These will only buy you a few seconds, so act quickly and get the pyramid collapsed before it is too late for poor Speedy Gonzalez.

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2 votes, average: 4/5

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