Marvin the Martian Jet Pack Gettaway 3

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Marvin the Martian’s Jetpack Getaway: Episode Three – Marvin the Martian has already been sent on two dangerous training missions for a top secret ACME mission coming up. Marvin has done so well that ACME is sending him out on a third training mission. He must collect all of the modules before he dies or runs out of fuel. Along the way he will encounter dangers, obstacles and special power up weapons.

Using the arrow keys, control Marvin the Martian as he walks and flies from pad to pad. Collect any modules that you see. Watch your fuel gauge and be sure to pick up fuel packs on this mission, or you will run out of fuel for your jetpack. With no fuel, it is an instant mission over for our little alien. Watch for bonuses and special power ups that will aid Marvin the Martian on his training missions for ACME.

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