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brb games present Escape Games (Formally Escape Games 365)

Here we are very pleased to be able to offer you some of the best and most entertaining free online escape games on the internet. We know how scary it would be if you woke up and suddenly found yourself thrust into a situation that would make any grown man cry.

What if you blacked out and upon waking, you realized that you are someplace strange? You do not recognize your surroundings and the room you are in is dirty and dingy. You cannot see any easy way to escape and your heart begins racing so fast. The only option you have is to search and hunt until you find a way out. Every single free escape game we have here puts your right in the middle of a situation just like this. In some of our online escaping games you are trapped inside a large house, while others you are trapped inside a single room. Either way, you will have to look for clues, hints and items to help you solve puzzles and find a way to escape.

If you do not think your heart can handle this kind of pressure and scares, do not worry. We have plenty of family friendly games that are good for kids of all ages. You can help cartoon characters escape, explore kids’ rooms full of toys and many others that will challenge you without scaring you too bad. Can you make it alive?

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