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brb Games Present Car Games (Formally Car Games 365)

Do you like to go fast? Who does not love to speed down the highway, faster than they have ever driven before? Everybody does, but unfortunately this kind of fun and excitement is illegal in most countries.
It does not matter if you are caught flying down the highways of the city or the dark back roads out in the clear and crisp country air, if the police catch you, you are going down.
Well not anymore. Thanks to the power of video car games, people have been able to enjoy the high speeds of cars games and trucks games alike, all without injury or jail time.

You can enjoy the extreme challenges offered by some of the hottest and most complex parking games on the net. This fast growing genre is rising like fire from volcano, and the reason for that is because it takes skill most people do not have.
Do not underestimate the challenges in all of these parking games that have been handpicked based on their difficulty.

But what if stopping the car is not your thing? Oh have we got you covered. You can choose from well over a hundred racing games and challenge all of your friends to attempt to beat your record breaking speeds.
Be careful though, most of these racing courses are not for the amateurs. You will find dips and dives, jumps and gaps, and even obstacles around every corner of some of the most gorgeous terrain you will ever see.

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