Bugs Bunny Carrot Sweeper

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Carrot Sweeper – Bugs Bunny is after as many of Elmer Fudd’s carrots as he can get a hold of. Elmer has a plan to hid under the carrots so he can catch Bugs red handed next time he steals his carrots. Can Bugs Bunny find only the safe carrots before Elmer shoots him?

Use your mouse and click on the carrots to pick them. Safe carrots have nothing underneath, but dangerous ones have Elmer Fudd underneath them. To figure out which carrots are safe and which are dangerous, pay attention to the numbers on the side and bottom of the carrot grid. These numbers will tell you how many safe clusters there are in that row. They will also tell you how many carrots are in each cluster. If you find a row with a number of 10, then every carrot in that row is safe for the picking.

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